Narrow House

Narrow House

Innovative house designed by Jakub Szczesny will be constructed in the narrow space between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland.


The world’s narrowest house (72 – 133 cm) will have compact kitchen, small bathroom, modern workstation, and comfortable bedroom.

Steel frame is already assembled, the rest of the narrow house will be completed by the end of 2012.

Narrow House by Jakub Szczesny

Thinnest House

Narrowest House

Etgar Kerets House

Jakub Szczesny

House by Jakub Szczesny

Etgar Keret House

Keret House

Thin House

Narrowest house in W12


Conjure up the image of a 24ft kitchen with Aga. Then try to picture the width of the room; just 5ft 6in.

There’s nothing ordinary about 110 Goldhawk Road, the narrowest house in the borough, and the second slimmest in the capital.

It’s currently seeking a new owner, and would clearly suit a beanpole who doesn’t mind stairs and doesn’t suffer from claustrophobia.

“Actually we haven’t heard a bad word spoken about it,” said Simon Beatson, sales broker for Faron Sutaria, which is selling the two-bedroom home for a princely £549,950.

“It’s the sort of place people fall in love with, and although the floorplan is hilarious it does get people in to look at it.”

Built in the 1870s in a gap next to a grocer’s shop, the house has two reception rooms on the ground floor, the long, thin kitchen and dining area on the lower ground, and two bedrooms, a study and two bathrooms on the upper floors.

The top floor has the master bedroom, one end of which is taken up with a giant built-in bed. There’s no hope of shuffling down either side, however.

You can only get into bed from the end. The home of actors, artists and poets in the past, the new owner will be following in the narrow footsteps of German-born fashion photographer Juergen Teller, the snapper credited with creating the gritty realism look of the 1990s.

But wouldn’t living in a house where you can touch both walls drive you mad? “The thing is, it’s a long house,” said Simon. “If it wasn’t so long, it might feel more constricting.”

Putting a value on a house with just over 1,000 sq ft isn’t simple, but h&f news research reveals it last sold in 2006 for £488,500 – so the current asking price is bucking the trend in the recession.

“Parts of it are a bit awkward,” conceded Simon. “But for Goldhawk Road it’s remarkably quiet inside, and has got heaps of character.”

With most rooms 6ft in width, the house is positively spacious compared to the narrowest house in Britain – a tiny home in Millport on the island of Great Cumbrae of the North Ayrshire coast which is just
3ft 11in wide.

And 110 Goldhawk Road does open up a bit towards the back. The dining room is a mighty 10ft wide, and the garden is 13ft 6in at its widest point.


narrow house14 The Narrowest House Ever


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